Love for tradition, passion for quality

Masters of corduroy, moleskin, cotton and linen since 1838

We are a global fashion icon

We are the masters of corduroy, moleskin, cotton and linen.

A long history of tradition and innovation by entrepreneurs who have challenged the market by focusing on uniqueness and creativity.

We guarantee our customers the highest quality standards, fast processing times and 100% made in Vaprio d’Adda.

We are simply unique!

Duca Visconti di Modrone - Campioni

The textile of Italian elegance

The perfect balance between selected raw materials and consolidated operating technique.

Renowned worldwide for the best corduroy and moleskin, Duca Visconti di Modrone, has managed in the last two decades to become the undisputed leader in fine cotton fabrics. This now encompasses twill and other flat cotton fabrics using both pure cotton and cotton blends.

Design, uniqueness, exclusivity and refinement.

Sustainable innovation

Duca Visconti di Modrone is a company that has always looked to innovation and experimentation. This encompasses a focus on research, design skills, prototyping and product development.

We are committed to leaving a better world for future generations. We respect the environment and make economical use of natural resources.

We embrace BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) which touches the three “P’s” of sustainability: People. Planet. Profit.