Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Our roots

Grace, beauty, seduction. Our corduroy is born from this mix of elements.

Established in 1838, more than a century and a half has passed and the corduroy produced in Vaprio d’Adda, loved and sold all over the world, has become the symbol of Made-in-Italy know-how: lightened by the too rich arabesques is now smoother, softer and more precious both in colors both in the manufacturing technique with more uniform and compact textures.

Constant evolution

The high quality of Duca Visconti di Modrone corduroy has kept pace with the new lifestyles of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Thanks to important investments in research and development and an ancient knowledge jealously handed down from generation to generation, Duca Visconti di Modrone has perfected the texture of its fabrics, making them more resistant, anti-crease, anti-stain, antimicrobial and sustainable.

The result is a unique, exclusive, refined handcrafted design product.

Mythology, community and territory

From the XII century a legend handed down in a coat of arms.

A legend suggests that, around the XIIth century, Tarantasio the dragon arrived in Milan. Many knights tried to free the territory from the unwanted guest, but they all ended up devoured. The news spread with terror among the inhabitants.
One day the dragon was about to devour a child, Uberto Visconti defeated the dragon by cutting off its head and saved the child. The Duke thus decided to depict the dragon about to swallow the child on the family crest.