Sustainable innovation

Innovating classic and modern

Our company has always looked to innovation and experimentation. This encompasses a focus on research, design skills, prototyping and product development.

Over the last year, an important process of modernizing the company has been launched aiming to industry 4.0 with the goal of increasing the production cycle.
The historical machinery for the artisanal production of quality fabrics with an intense production cycle are reengineered and optimized to improve their performance, reliability and safety. Quality assurance and product traceability are ensured by monitoring the entire value chain.

Sustainable innovation also passes through the energy efficient project.

Solutions up with the times

Innovators also in finishing and technological treatments.

We are global leaders because we are able to think, design and implement innovative solutions in an impeccable way, as anti-drip and stain-resistant finishes, Easy- Care for easy ironing as wells as Viral Off with antimicrobial function that inhibits bacterial growth and reduces the development of bad smells.

Additionally there is -BI-OME® technology, which reduces virus activity, including SARSCOV- 2, by up to 99% even after 25 washes.



easy care

viral off


Our philosophy is to carry out our successful industrial project while respecting the environment and ethical and social rules.

We are committed to leaving a better world for future generations. We respect the environment and make economical use of natural resources.

We embrace BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) which touches the three “P’s” of sustainability: People. Planet. Profit.

On request, we produce fabrics with pre and post consumer recycled cotton or polyester, promoting recycling and upcycling initiatives. We offer natural dyes which by absorption cling to the fiber and do not release any dyes into the environment.


recycled cotton or polyester



Duca Visconti di Modrone has the STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX® Class II mark which certifies the absence of substances harmful to health and that the manufacturer is environmentally friendly both in the processes both in the plant.